4 Ways of Getting to know Your Customers Better


For business enterprises to be profitable they need to churn out products and services that their customers will like. Getting concrete insights into the minds of customers is extremely difficult. But it is possible to improve customer experience by leveraging information that is acquired by implementing the right processes and focusing on the key data points. The people in a business enterprise who are tasked with aligning customer care with business goals often refer only the customer’s purchasing history and profile information to get a clear picture of the customer’s mindset but with little success.

 1) Don’t Make Assumptions
Assumptions with regard to the customer’s preferences and beliefs must be discarded as it is not considered as a smart marketing strategy. Any tactic that might have been successful one year may not be as successful the next. Customer’s interaction with a brand keeps on evolving over time and business enterprises, instead of basing their decisions on past practices, must utilize up-to-date data about their customers to come up with strategies that will work in the favor of the customers. With the influx of latest information, business enterprises will get to know their customers better and let go of generic assumptions to achieve success in their business outcomes and provide enhanced customer experience

2) Ask Customers
This is one of the simplest methods that business enterprises can employ to get to know their customers better. Asking questions will provide insights into what the customers really need and helps companies to serve them better. The questions must emphasize on both ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ to get a clear picture of what has to be accomplished to provide superior customer experience. This method can really help companies to find new opportunities and stand out from their competition.

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3) Conduct Surveys
Surveys are one of the best methods to gain honest feedback regarding a product or service. Conducting surveys and getting feedback from the customers goes a long way in the understanding what the customers are thinking and how they feel about a product or service. To get specific information about customers, personal surveys can be very helpful. Companies can conduct surveys through their website by using software tools such as Qualaroo, WebEngage or Foresee. The company must conduct a close scrutiny of the survey to get insights into the minds of the people who responded and change the marketing strategy accordingly.

 4) Get Customer Reviews
Business enterprises can get reviews from their customers through various channels such as the comment box on social media platforms, testimonials on the company’s website or from reviews by customers on business review websites such as Yelp. Honest reviews on the above-mentioned platforms can be instrumental for the companies to get to know their customers better. Companies can encourage reviews from customers by providing incentives. For example, a restaurant chain offers customers a small discount on their next order for writing online reviews. The customer reviews that are received must be categorized, tabulated and prioritized so that the company can understand their customers better and provide the best possible customer experience.


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