How to Create a 3D eBook Cover Image


As a marketer, you may wonder how to create a 3D eBook cover image for your digital books. After all of that work writing your book, it’s time to make it look nice to attract downloads and purchases!

Cover images make your book look so much more professional. Don’t skip the step of creating an awesome, tantalizing 3D eBook cover to put on your free or premium digital book.

While it’s true that you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr to create your cover, you can also take care of this task yourself.  Here are two easy ways to create an eBook cover using online tools.

By the way, you can even use these tools to create nice covers for your reports and white papers!

Method 1 – Adazing (FREE)

This tutorial was updated September 9, 2018.

a) Go to Adazing’s web site.

b) Find the red button at the top navigation that says “Free Stuff for Authors” and click it.

Create an ebook cover with Adazing

c) Find the “BOOK MOCKUP CREATOR” and click “Learn More” to go to the FREE 3D eBook cover maker tool.

Amazing book mockup creator

d) Review the cover templates that Adazing offers and choose one. Select it by clicking the small circle below the cover image. After you’ve selected your template, click “Next Step” to start the process.

Adazing - Choose your preferred ebook cover template

eBook cover templates from Adazing


e) Now all you need to do is enter your Name and Email Address and upload your eBook cover graphic in JPG, PNG, or PDF file format. Then click “Finish” and wait for Adazing to email your eBook cover!


Adazing eBook cover maker - upload your file

Here’s a sample of our eBook cover:

13 Twitter Facts You Need to Know - free eBook

If you need help with designing an eBook cover first, Adazing has your back! You can use their free eBook cover designer.

To access the Adazing cover designer, you’ll need to sign up for it. Go back to the “Free Stuff for Authors” button at the top navigation menu. You’ll see the EBOOK COVER DESIGNER where you can click “Learn More” to sign up.


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