How to Get New Customers for MLM


How to Get New Customers for MLM

WELCOME TO ANOTHER WORGERSWEB MLM WEBINAR, today we will be conducting a short seminar on how to get new customers for MLM. It is no hidden fact that MLM is gradually taking over the world. Networking is all around us and the ones that become successful in it are those that knows what they are skilled in the market.

Lets get started…

Creating a Loyal customer base is critical to the success of your MLM business. Some network marketers focus only on getting new distributors or customers.

How to get new customers for your MLM businessBut one thing they are missing is the fact that when you have a large customer base that loves the products, they are also your best prospects to talk to about the business.

Here’s the deal.

If people love the products of your MLM and their friends are asking about them, it makes sense that you should approach them about the opportunity.

Today I have the top 5 ways to get new customers for your MLM business.

Why should you listen to me?

In my MLM business, I have worked with over 700 customers and generated over 8,000 Mlm customers. That’s in various business!

The good news?

I was able to get all my new customers online using a variety of attraction marketing methods. But the 5  I will talk to you about today worked the best for attracting new customers to my business.

Let’s dig in.

Before You Market for Leads

Before you start trying to generate more leads, make sure you know who you’re trying to reach and where you might be able to find them—physically or virtually. First, identify the need or want that your product or service can address. For instance, joining your direct sales business can help a person fulfill a need for more income. Perhaps the wellness products you sell can help people meet their desire to stay healthy.

Next, identify the people most likely to have that need or want: your target audience. For example, people who need more income may be stay-at-home parents or college students. People who want to stay healthy may be concerned about aging, are athletes, or lead overall healthy lifestyles.

No matter what technique you use to generate MLM leads, your strategy and message should always keep in mind your target audience, their needs, and desires, and how you or your product or service can help fulfill them.

Get Started on Generating Leads

Many MLM companies recommend starting with a list of 100 people you know, called your warm market. Although it’s not a bad place to start when looking for customers and business builders, the technique could also backfire and get to the point where you’re annoying friends and family. You’re better off spending your time finding people who are interested in what you’ve got rather than trying to convince your commuting buddy to sign up when he doesn’t want to.

At the other end of the spectrum is buying leads. This is also not the best option since it can be very expensive and may result in leads that may not actually be interested in your products or business. These are not great leads, either. The best leads will always be the ones you generate yourself—people who have shown some sort of interest in what you have to offer.

  1. Create a website. Be sure to check the policies of the company you’re working with to see what they allow regarding websites. Many MLM companies offer you your own website or a page on their website, and others allow you to make your own. If you can, you should create your own website, because you should try to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you’re not allowed to make a website directly about your business, then make one covering a topic related to your business. For example, if you sell health and wellness products, then start a health and wellness website or blog. You can hire someone to design and build a site for you.
2. Build an email/ number list. There is a system for working with leads. The first step is getting them to be aware of and take an interest in what you have—by visiting your website, for example. The next best step is to ask your leads to sign up for your email list or to ask for their numbers.. You can get them to sign up or give you their numbers by offering something for free, such as a report or something useful, from your website. For instance, if you’re selling wellness products, then you might offer a guide to good-for-you ingredients or recipes. This will allow you to communicate with your prospects and provide valuable information related to your business and the general field that it’s in, such as special sales, events, news, and research—and stay top-of-mind to your past, current, and possible future customers. Just be sure that you’re following the laws and regulations regarding email marketing.
Gather this emails and phone numbers as they will be used to send emails or bulk sms to them.

3. Write articles or blogs. Writing is an effective way to get in front of your market through other people’s websites, and your only cost is that of your time in writing and publishing the articles on peoples website. The key to writing an article or blog that another site will run is to make it useful and informative. l. As a network marketer, you have two types of articles and markets: The first is related to your product or service. If you sell candles, for example, then write a Valentine’s Day post on creating romance with candles or something about how candles can improve mood. The second option is related to direct sales and the MLM business. For example, you can write articles about how your MLM career changed your life or how to be successful in direct sales for lifestyle and business websites. Just know that most places won’t want you to directly promote your business within the article, but they may allow you to include a link to your website in your bio.

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4. Use social media. Posts asking people to join your team won’t likely produce results, but if you’re clever, you can use social media to generate interest in your business and possible leads. For example, if you sell weight-loss products, you can promote before and after pictures on facebook or Pinterest or Instagram. If you sell makeup, you can post tutorials on YouTube that you share across social sites. 
5. Develop a referral program. Just like in other businesses, people who are referred by others are easier to convert to a sale than people who weren’t, because they’re usually coming to you with some interest in buying. Many people you talk to won’t be interested in buying right away, but they might know people who are. Happy customers may want to share your product or business. You can develop a referral program to give people incentive to refer others to you. For example, you can give them a 10 percent discount on their next purchase for every new customer they refer. 

Getting leads is just one step in the sales cycle. Next, you need to qualify them to determine if they’re a good fit, then make your pitch, and finally, follow up. Many network marketers don’t like the sales process, but it doesn’t have to be hard or scary, especially if you start with leads who’ve come to you specifically to know about what you offer.


Finding customers for MLM can be a struggle if you are just going out and about to find people to talk with. When you use online attraction marketing methods, new customers can find you!


Start building a loyal MLM customer base now and reap the rewards of building a successful organization.

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