How to Make Money without Monetary Investments


How to Make Money without Investment

There are many means of making money with little or no financial investment and effort on your part. In this article we are going to highlight some ways which you can add some residual income to your earnings. This article will focus on the aspect of people wanting to get all they want with ease or at the comfort of their computer. The Job here being described is the work of an Agent.

1. Property Agent

A property agent (also known as a Realtor) is a fast growing job with great revenue and income. These property agents look for vacant apartments, houses and landed properties that are available for lease, rent or even for sale.

A property agent meets the owner of the property and discuss on the terms of agreement and benefits when he brings a client to rent, lease or even buy the property at the agreed amount.

The property agent then goes out in search of a client who is interested in the property and then brings him or her to the owner.

In some areas of this country, a property agent who brought a client to rent an apartment can get a minimum of five percent (5%) of the total rent paid to the owner of the property and in some cases it goes higher up to ten percent (10%).

Properties for outright sale, property agents get sometime five percent (5%) and sometimes even more than five percent. This to some extent depends on the bargaining power of the property agent and on the agreement between him and the buyer and seller.

It is worth mentioning here that the percentage mentionedis paid to the property agent by both the buyer and the seller of the property. So at the end of the day he the agent goes home with at least ten percent of the property cost.

Now you may start wondering how to start searching for vacant properties or the owners of the properties. This is very tiring and could ​be embarrassing sometimes. But do not worry there is a fool proof means of getting it done.

Go to major junctions, you will see adverts for properties kept by existing agents in the locality, call these agents and discuss with them of profit sharing formula for each client you bring for them, either for apartment or for property.

SO you don’t have to go looking for properties and owners, all you need to do is get the contacts of these on the ground agents and agree with them. When you get a client, you refer them to the on the ground agent whom you have agreed with.

The on the ground agent takes the client to the property and subsequently to the owner of the property for payment. After payment, the on the ground agent send you your percentage as agreed for the client you brought to him. This is very easy to accomplish, right?

2. Car Dealers Agent

Cars are one of the products with high demand in the country today. Just park a car by the roadside and put “For Sale” and see the number of people that will stop by and ask how much is it going for? This shows that there is high demand for cars, whether brand new, Belgium (Tokunbo) or even Nigerian used. So how can you make some extra income from the car that is not yours?

Simple, you walk up to the owner and tell him you are an agent and you have a lot of buyers in need of his brand of car. So you ask him how much he is willing to sell the car minimum and how much commission in percentage he will give you when you bring a buyer. After agreeing on the percentage you go out in search for a buyer, when you get one you bring him to the seller and then after the sales, you get your commission.

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Note that this requires that you take the picture of the car so that you can show people whom you tell about the car. This helps stirs up their interest to buy when they see the picture of the car.

Meanwhile you can also scale up the price of the car when you meet a buyer who is crazy about the car. In a case where the seller refuses on commission, you have to let him know that in this case whatever you add to his selling price is your own benefit and he should not interfere with that. With this arrangement on ground, sometime you can even make more than percentage or commission can give to you after a successful sale. Now how do you get clients who are interested in buying a car? Continue to read the article.

There are car dealers everywhere in the country with so many brands of cars that are new and satisfy different choice. Walk in to these dealer stands and strike your deal.

3. Equipment Dealers Agent

There are a lot of equipment out there in the market for sale and a lot of buyers looking for this equipment to buy. Many equipment companies are not good when it comes to advertising their products. So with your present as an agent to them you can advertise their products and sell them on commission as agreed with the shop owners.

You have to go and discuss with the shop owners or equipment owner on terms and conditions of your service as an agent to his company. This will help you know what you will get for any product you sell for them.

Equipment available for sale includes Generators (Petrol, Diesel, Sound proof and regular), Manufacturing machines (Tissue Paper Rewinding machine, bottling machine, sacheting machine, soap making machine, mixers, boilers ), House hold gadgets (washing machine, Water pumps, Electric and gas cookers, Dish washing machine, water heaters, water dispensers ) etc.

The list goes on and on, you can mention them. So go out there and get your contacts and start making your residual income.

4. Teach a Course

There is a continuous need for people to learn new things ranging from vocational skills to professional skills and IT related courses. The need for continuous improvement is the market you are looking for to make some extra income.

So you start offering your knowledge and skills for some fee and teach the skills to those who need your skills for a pay. Some of these skills are

Fashion and design
Mechanical Repairs
Electrical Installation and Repairs
Paint Production
Liquid Soap Production

Some other course one can teach are the IT skills which ranges from Microsoft office tools, Professional softwareslike AutoCAD, ArchiCad, Peachtree, Scada, GeODin, Uniplot, Photoshop, CorelDraw etc

These skills are highly sought for and people keep looking for where they will learn them and get the secrets to succeeding in that field.

5. Become a Contractor

Do you have a skill, a skill that is needed by others, by a company or any other institution? Every company, Institution, or office complex does have services which they contract outsiders to offer them. Can you make yourself available to offer these services?

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There are so many services needed by many companies which they require services of an external contractor, below are a list of services you can offer;

Cleaning Services
Waste Disposal Service,
Plumbing Services
Electrical Repair Services for the Facility
Mechanical Repair Services for the Facility
Painting Service
Decoration and Event Planning
Catering services
Office Consumables Supply
Supply of Toiletries
Web Design and Developer
Consulting Service

All you need do is walk into these companies, business places and fill their vendor or contractors registration form and provide all necessary documents needed and you are in. Note that some companies do not pay cash but will rather give you a PO (Purchase Order) with which you can secure fund from your bank and supply the products. For some services, even private homes and wealthy individuals require them too.

This requires that you have to beef up the supply price such that the 75% of the total cost which the bank will give you will cover the price of all the goods to supply and some profits too. When the money is being paid to your account, the bank withdraws their 75% and the balance is more profit for you.

6. Become a Distributor

Another way to make money is to become a distributor to an on demand product. There are so many start-up products today in the market looking for distributors and more sales.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity and distribute a new product. Once the product start selling in large quantity, you are already one of their major distributors and come to think of it, you must have sold so many products with commissions and profits. You must be in money by now.

Products that sell in large quantity are household items and products such as, Tissue paper, groundnut oil, soaps, detergent, perfume, cream, tomatoes, spices, and so many more. The list is endless.

7. Waste Disposal Service

Waste disposal service is a very lucrative business with increasing demand in Nigeria today. This is because as the city is improving on its civilization standards and people, individuals and families no longer have enough time for activities like waste disposal. In addition to that civilization has moved waste gathering points far away from residential areas thereby making it difficult and more expensive to do it yourself. So here comes the need for a waste disposal service provider who gathers waste from the area for a token and then sends them to a waste gathering point for proper disposal by the government.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling another person’s product for a commission. This is a very simple form of marketing because you do not have to bother about sourcing for products. All you have to do is pick a product of choice and discuss with the seller on the commission for every sale you make.

How to Get your Customers

For any product to sell in large quantity, it must have popularity. People must know that this product exist and this is where you can get it. To get this done, there are cheap and easy way to advertise your products to people both far and near. In this article we will only highlight the two most popular means now in Nigeria;

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site with well over 1.7 billion active members trying to connect with friends and family and colleagues. Research has shown that people spend so much money on data just to be able to  shareinformation on social media platforms. But at the same time, few people make money from social media platforms and use it to b=pay bills and also buy data for their use. How can you make money from Facebook.

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Simple, some of you, yes you have reached your friends limit of 5000 friends on Facebook. This is your market. Post the pictures and article of your products for friends and family to see it. They will start calling you for thosesame products. Where you have 500 friends viewing your product, there is high probability that you will make good sales every month and scoop in some cool cash.

2. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is another social media handle that is readily available in the smart phone of every Nigerian, so why not use this social medium to advertise your products to friends on your contact list. This makes it easier for sale because they know and believe in you. So they will most likely not question your products and services. They will always come back so long as your product or service meets their taste or requirements.

As Nigerian cities continues to grow I civilization and population, there will be more demands for different kind of products, and most especially products that do not need money to start marketing. Everyone today who does not have jobs or just a just a graduate should create jobs by themselves instead of waiting for the government or big companies to them with jobs. It is worth mentioning that these jobs highlighted in this article pay more than any average job available in Nigeria.

All you have to do is to master your locality and identify what product will profit you easily and which product is easy for you to market, then start immediately because you already have all the tools, skills and talents needed to become the next millionaire.


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