How to Start a Cleaning Business in Nigeria


Cleaning business is a very lucrative business because everybody needs a clean home, clean environments, and clean drainage systems. Because of our daily busy schedules, people fines it very difficult cleaning up their homes or environments themselves so cleaners are paid to do the jobs. That is where cleaning business comes into the picture.
According to the bible cleanliness is next to Godliness, cleaning the environments and our houses is necessary and really needs to be done by professionals if possible, Hence cleaning business is a very lucrative business be it residential or commercial premises cleaning.

This article will teach you how to start a cleaning business with little or no money. Bear in mind that the most important thing is being focued and having a good marketing approach.

Have a good business plan

Having a good business plan is very important in any business venture, you need to know the areas of business you will be running be it house cleaning, office cleaning, public premises, rug cleaning, drainage cleaning, fumigation etc.
Do a proper research and write a business plan and a feasibility study of the business.
Capital Requirements in Setting up Cleaning Business

Capital is necessary in starting up any good business but if you have done a proper business planing, you will not have problems determining your business start up capital for the cleaning business, the magnitude of your business will determine your initial start up capital. It is important to start small with probably one you and two other person as the workforce.
It is not an exaggeration to state that starting a cleaning business is not capital intensive as you will not need to invest so much on buying equipments, paying for a location or maintenance and manpower like other businesses.

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N200,000 is more than enough to start a small scale cleaning business, this being the money to procure the vacuum cleaning and few other washing equipments and detergents.

To clean up a new duplex apartment, you charge between N150,000 – N200,000 and you and your two staffs could finish the cleaning within three days.

Run a Good Ad
In this business, advertisements is very important. Run local ads using handbills and banners. You can start from your family, friend and neighbors’ by telling them by word of mouth. These days, it is quite easier to reach people through the social media, you could do your advert on social media, complimentary cards, or clean for free so you can use it to attract customers.
The more marketing you do, the more cleaning business you will get. Be serious at it and be good at your cleaning work. No one would like to call you again if you are not thorough in your cleaning.

Have a Good Customer Services
Having a good customer services is very important in any business, treat your customers with interest so they will always want to call you again for business, be kind, caring and be very passionate about their needs and attend to their business with seriousness.


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