Top Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria With High Commission (2018)


People make money online every day and this isn’t a deception anymore. In this post, I want to share with you, the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and everything you need to understand about affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is a program built for online marketers who intend to make money right from their comfort zones. You don’t need to spend the day looking for who to buy and purchase a specific product you’re promoting before you start earning money online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest online businesses in Nigeria and there is no doubt about the power it holds. It’s possible to make it big via the different paying affiliate marketing programs available in Nigeria.

In this post, I’ll reveal the best affiliate programs that are Nigerian-friendly.

So, if you’re looking to hop on the bandwagon of affiliate marketing. There are no limits to how much you can make with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Okay…let’s begin!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves having your own site and sending your traffic to someone else’s site to buy their products or services. For every sale initiated by a link from your site, you earn a percentage–an affiliate sales commission.

Before I share the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, I will like to show you 5 important reasons why you need to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria today.

5 Reasons why you need to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, affiliate marketing is an amazing way to earn money through internet marketing, because affiliate programs, especially high paying affiliate programs will reward you with a certain sum for every successful sign up you bring their way.

Apart from having a very low startup cost, affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative online business opportunity for Nigerians who have a significant online presence.

You should do affiliate marketing because:

1. Affiliate Marketing Programs have Low Startup Cost


Other startups require huge startup cost. In fact, with a startup, you can spend 1 year raising a large capital investment from investors before your business can function.

In affiliate marketing, you only need to spend a paltry $3/month on hosting platform plus $7 for a custom domain name in order to launch a website (sometimes you don’t even need a website!).

From then on, your only true costs are content, which you should be able to write yourself, choosing a responsive and free CMS like WordPress and website design and then writing a blog post to help generate traffic and sales to your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing Programs Earn An Income Quickly

Earn An Income Quickly

With affiliate marketing, you can literally start making money almost straight away.

If you work in popular niches such as technology and fashion for instance, then you can earn lots of money for every customer you refer to buy. You only need to refer a few customers every month to make huge money.

This strategy is how I started my own affiliate marketing business around studying at college. I then kept re-investing and doubling my income to the point where I was making enough money to pursue it full time as a career. It really can scale quickly once you start to see your first sales.

Remember, you don’t need to provide any ongoing support or services to your referred customers. Once you’ve referred them, the operator/merchant will take care of the customer loyalty and upsell marketing campaigns.

3. You Can Make Millions From Affiliate Marketing

You Can Make Millions From Affiliate Marketing

One of the misconceptions of affiliate marketing is that it’s only for small businesses. However, there are plenty of cases where affiliates have gone on to build multi-million-pound brands and ventures.

Some Nigeria blogger like Mr Pascal Okafor, the owner of has hit a jackpot with affiliate program. He won N1,000,000 as the best affiliate marketer of

The truth is, affiliate marketing has no limits, the more traffic you garnered, the more money you make. It’s your affiliate marketing strategy that matters most.

One of the lessons to be learned here is to launch an affiliate marketing business in a high growth industry in Nigeria or one where you can add your own unique value to your Nigerian visitors. This is what will help you scale your site quicker and reach that dream of retiring at 21…hehe.

4. It’s Easy To Scale An Affiliate Marketing Business

It’s Easy To Scale An Affiliate Marketing Business

Many successful affiliate marketers have discovered that scaling their businesses into the white label, dropshipping or wholesale operations was not a terribly difficult task. An increasingly common thing I’m seeing successful affiliates do nowadays to scale their operations is to launch their own white-label operation or skin

The advantages of starting your own white label are that you can increase your conversions by reducing traffic leakage as well as recruiting other affiliates to promote your brand on your behalf.

It also is very easy to scale an affiliate marketing site in eCommerce by venturing into dropshipping or wholesale.

5. Many Monetization Sources

Many Monetization Sources

Affiliate marketing lends itself really well to different marketing channels and sources of customer acquisition.

For example, RightCasino managed to monetize traffic through industry and entertainment news, Twitter, PPC (we’ve just translated our site into foreign languages to take advantage of cheaper sources of traffic in other countries), email marketing and others. 

Some brands even let you advertise your affiliates links directly on media and PPC networks such as Facebook. This means you don’t even need your own website to start affiliate marketing.

Okay, that’s it.

Now that you’ve seen why you should start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, what then are you waiting for?

If you really want to build a profitable business online, this article will be an eye-opener because you will find a host of important affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and their various links to get registered right away.

Here are the list of legitimate Affiliate programs, companies or merchants in Nigeria you can promote their products or service as an affiliate marketer to earn passive income online and how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

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(This should have been an exclusive content in our digital marketing course but we’ve chosen to dish it out for free. Perhaps, if you want to learn more, you should join our next training course. Space is limited!)

Scroll down to find out the paying affiliate programs that accept Nigerians locally and internationally.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

jumia affiliate program

Do you want to take your website or blog to the next level?

Through Jumia affiliate program, you can turn your website or blog into a money making machine! Simply drive traffic to Jumia online store by choosing from their thousands of products to advertise to customers and make money when your visitors buy from them. is Nigeria’s No.1 and most trusted online shopping destination. In fact, they rank no 8 on as the most visited website in Nigeria on top of Konga and other online stores in Nigeria.

Jumia affiliate program is just the bomb if you truly know how to go about it.

How does Jumia affiliate program work?

Jumia has streamlined their entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods.

The process is as follows:

  1. Sign up to become a Jumia affiliate on the affiliate website
  2. Log in to your affiliate dashboard to choose which product(s) to market
  3. Get promotional material like deep links, banners, feeds from them
  4. Embed links on your website, in your social media pots or in an email marketing campaign.
  5. Learn how to promote your campaigns and affiliate links from our digital marketing course
  6. If the visitor orders (the order needs not be placed during the same browser session–cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  7. Jumia will review and approve the sale.
  8. You will receive commission payouts on the 30th of every month (if your balance is at least N10,000).
  9. And you’re game!

Click here to join Jumia Affiliate Program.

2. Konga Affiliate Program

konga affiliate program

Konga is ranked 28 as the most visited website and has way over 100,000 products you can promote as a Konga affiliate marketer. Konga is another affiliate program you can opt-in for.

They pay well and their commission model is awesome, they pay up to 9% commission on their products.

You actually don’t need anything to get started with Konga affiliate, although, having a website gives you an extra edge.

The program is powered by Konga Affiliate Pro, the leading affiliate tracking software. Konga Affiliate Pro uses a combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for best possible reliability.

How does Konga affiliate program work?

Konga has streamlined their entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods. The process is as follows:

  1. Sign up to become an affiliate by filling out the sign-up form
  2. Log in to your affiliate account to choose which promotional material to use
  3. Embed links on your website, in your social media campaigns or in an email promotion.
  4. Use promotional strategies from ECS Marketing courses to get sales
  5. Visitor clicks on your Konga affiliate link embed on your site, social media platform or in an email.
  6. The visitors IP is logged and a 30 days cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  7. The visitor browses Konga site and may decide to order.
  8. If the visitor orders (the order need not be placed during the same browser session–cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  9. Konga will review and approve the sale.
  10. You will receive up to 9% commission payouts on the 30th of every month (if your balance is at least N10,000). That’s it!

Click here to join Konga Affiliate Program.

3. PayPorte Affiliate Program

payporte affiliate marketing program in nigeria

PayPorte is yet another e-commerce store and is regarded as Nigeria’s preferred online retail store when it comes to quality of products.

PayPorte has, since, its launch, thrived to ensure it caters to a wide demography that ranges from the youths and to the young urban professionals, providing a wide variety of products including fashion and accessories, fabrics, furniture, home appliances, tech gadgets and more.

And their affiliate programme is even as cool as their regular offerings.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register for free on their website
  2. Automatically earn ₦1,000 upon registration
  3. Log in to your affiliate dashboard to choose which product to market
  4. Get promotional material like referral links, and banners from them
  5. Use links on your website, social media campaigns or in email promotions with strategies from our ECS marketing course
  6. If any visitor visits their site via your link and buys anything, it’ll be registered as a sale for you
  7. PayPorte will review and approve the sale
  8. You will earn 5-10% commission off every sale, accumulated and paid to your bank account
  9.  Voila!

Click here to join PayPorte Affiliate Program.

4. Web4Africa Affiliate Program

web4africa affiliate marketing program in nigeria

Web4Africa company limited whose headquarter is based in Ghana deals on professional reseller and shared web hosting on Linux and Windows platforms, as well as affordable domain name registration and e-commerce solutions for residents of Ghana, Nigeria and the rest of the world.

They also provide Affiliate program for their clients, by referring customers to buy web hosting plan, and domain names from web4africa you get compensated.

You make money by referring your friends and business associates to sign up for Web4Africa’s website. If the person you referred carries out any paying transaction in the form of paying for domain name or web hosting, Web4Africa pays you for that singular successful transaction.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up for free here
  2. Log in to your affiliate dashboard to choose which products to promote
  3. Get promotional materials like referral links, and banners from them
  4. Use links on your website, social media campaigns or in email promotions with strategies from our digital marketing course
  5. If any visitor visits their site via your link and requests for a service like hosting, it’ll be registered as a sale for you
  6. Web4Africa will review and approve the sale
  7. You will earn 10% commission off every sale, accumulated and paid to your bank account
  8.  Voila!

Click here to join PayPorte Web4Africa Program.

5. Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow Affiliate Program affiliate network is part of Limited, one of Africa’s leading online travel companies.

This is a programme designed to enable travel agencies and individuals who engage in selling travel products to sell highly discounted Wakanow travel products (flight, hotels, airport pick-ups, tour packages etc) to their customers and make huge profit.

You can build your travel business with the Wakanow Affiliate Programme.

Wakanow affiliate program offers fabulous commissions on:

  • More than 508,000 domestic and International hotels (Up to 40% discount on Hotel Rack Rates)
  • Domestic and International Airlines (Discounts on every Airline)
  • Visa processing services (Discounts up to 20% on rates)
  • Airport pickup services in over 45,000 locations (Up to 5% discount on rates)
  • Holiday Packages (Up to 10% Discount on rates)

In addition to these great Commissions, Wakanow affiliate portal gives you the power to control pricing. You can adjust pricing on the different travel products based on your negotiations with your customers.

You can partner with Wakanow and start earning money today. Their commissions which come in form of discounts allowing you to aggressively sell a world of travel products.

Click here to register and start making money with Wakanow affiliate program

6. VConnect Affiliate Program

vconnect affiliate marketing program in nigeria

Nigeria’s Largest local search engine and business listing platform, VConnect who ventured into the online shopping store in 2015, has added the affiliate marketing strategy to create more awareness about their services also allowing prospective affiliates to earn commission from their efforts of converting prospective customers.

Vconnect Affiliate system works similar to other top e-commerce website affiliate system most especially Konga Affiliate System.

Vconnect and Konga affiliates system are currently on the same platform, the post affiliate pro system software.

To get started, you need to:

  1. Register for free on their website
  2. Log in to your affiliate dashboard
  3. Choose which product to market. Commission rate varies according to product type
  4. Get promotional material like referral links, and banners from them
  5. Use links on your website, social media campaigns or in email promotions with strategies from our digital marketing course
  6. If any visitor visits their site via your link and buys anything, it’ll be registered as a sale for you
  7. You will be paid upon successful transaction between your referral and VConnect
  8.  Thre you go!

Click here to join VConnect affiliate program

7. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

whogohost affiliate marketing program in nigeria

WhoGoHost is a web solutions company, which was founded in 2007. Over time, WhoGoHost has grown to become one of the top tier web hosting companies in Nigeria, providing services for clients within and outside Nigeria.
WhoGoHost affiliate program is very simple to make money from. If someone that you recommend to purchase their services makes a payment via your referral link for any of their products or service, you will get as much as 15% of the amount paid.
So all you have to do is to recommend their products and services through your affiliate link on your website or via social media platforms.
To get started with making money from WhoGoHost, you would need to learn how to design your websites from our ECS Masterclass, or adopt best social media and email marketing strategies and techniques from our expert and amazing digital marketing course.
You are eligible to withdraw your earnings once it reaches the minimum of ₦3000.
That is very awesome, isn’t it?
Another interesting package is that once you sign up for WhoGoHost affiliate program, they will instantly credit your account with ₦500, just for signing up.
I know you can’t wait any longer to start making cool money from WhoGoHost.

8. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

bet9ja affiliate marketing program in nigeria

Bet9ja is arguably one of the biggest sports betting platforms in Nigeria.

In addition to sports-betting, the site also offers casino and virtual gaming experiences, including the popular Bet9ja League.

Included amongst Bet9ja’s promotions is their 100% Welcome Bonus of up to ₦100,000 – the largest offering of its kind in Nigeria – for new customers who register and make their first successful deposit.

Users will further benefit from 170% Multiple Boosts on accumulators as well as the innovative real-time cash-out feature. Cash Out gives players even more control over their betting, helping to guarantee profits and cut losses, by permitting in-play cash outs on pre-game bets.

Can I tell you the sweetest part?

Bet9ja Affiliate Programme offers members a 50% revenue share in the first month of joining.

Before you start making money with bet9ja affiliate program, you have to register for their affiliate program, and then you will be provided with your unique affiliate link which you will use to refer people to bet9ja.

Heres the real deal…

You will get up to 20% of how much each of your referrals has lost and how much they won in bet9ja

9. Travelstart Affiliate Program

travelstart affiliate marketing program in nigeria

Travelstart is an African online travel booking website, offering flights, hotel bookings, car rental, vacation packages and other travel services through their online booking engine.

With branches across major African countries, Travelstart offers its users a wide range of travel booking, tourism and adventure opportunities.

As a leading African agency, the brand has a lot of users across the continent. this makes becoming an affiliate a rewarding opportunity.


How Travelstart Affiliate Program Works

  • It’s simple – As a partner, you’ll earn money every time a user clicks through to their site and makes a travel booking.
  • Recommend their site to your users by placing their affiliate banners and links on your website and other promotional platforms.

Here’s what you stand to benefit from their program…

  • As a Travelstart affiliate, you’re able to showcase Travelstart discounts and other promotions on your site.
  • Earn highly competitive commissions from day 1, at no cost to you.
  • You get the tools, feeds and support you need to acquire customers
  • A top-notch CRM programme dedicated to building long-term customer retention and loyalty
  • Feature dynamic flight information on your site with banners and links, that our tracking system will record and remunerate you for at the end of every month.

All of these and more. Simply head on to their website to sign up for their affiliate program.

Get your promotional materials and register for our ECS Masterclass to learn how to build your affiliate website and how to leverage promotional strategies for optimum success.

10. DealDey Affiliate Program

dealdey affiliate marketing program in nigeria

DealDey is another Nigerian online e-commerce store that provides a medium for advertising products and services at greatly discounted rates.

Like deal dey- there are discounts

You get the gist now?

The huge discounts in their goods and services are aimed at attracting a large customer base interested in getting value for their money, which can be a good startup for any affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

The DealDey affiliate program is amazing because it allows you to earn by promoting deals using links and banners which are specifically designed to be easily shared on your website, blog, on social media or directly by inviting your friends.

Once a sale is realized through the clicking of these links by visitors, you automatically get paid a commission up to ₦500 but in most cases, the commission is flexibly set by DealDey.

In addition:

I have a few other affiliate programs to start in Nigeria and can pay you in dollars.

More affiliate programs in Nigeria to make money in dollars $$

1. Grammarly Affiliate Program

This is not just an exceptional writer’s tool, but is a must-have for every blogger!

Grammarly ensures that all your articles are both plagiarism and error free. You can promote Grammarly premium packages referring people to buy and get paid for doing so.

I can assure you that Grammarly is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

And it pays in dollars.

2. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

aliexpress affiliate program

Aliexpress is an online e-commerce store that has over millions of products.

Over 130,000 sellers, Buyers from more than 200 countries & regions. Aliexpress Affiliate Program is free and easy to join.

Follow the link above and you can start earning in just a few clicks. AliExpress paid out over US $100,000 per month in 2016, with top sellers earning up to $20,000 every month.

3. Finddigitaltools Reseller Affiliate Program

You can join this reseller affiliate program and make money via offering domain and hosting services. With this, you can just sit down and make money without leaving your comfort zones.

There you have it.

I will continuously update this article as soon as I discover new affiliate programs in Nigeria that pay quite good.

Which other affiliate marketing programs have you tried aside from the programs mentioned above?

Do you know that there are loads of affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and the world at large? The truth is, if you’re smart you will leverage the information available on our blog.

But hey, there’s more…

If you’d like to get some inside scoop on these affiliate programs, tips on how to make a lot of money from them and a network of seasoned affiliate marketers how are making money from these local programs and the foreign ones too, then you’re in luck.

As always, I’ve got you covered.

In ECS MasterClass, we have money earning affiliate marketing strategies that we teach our students who go on to become affiliate marketing moguls on their own.

Our support community is also available on standby to help you with those technical challenges when they come calling.

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